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Compound Interest – The Problem with Building Muscle

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Building Muscle is equivalent to Compound Interest

You need to invest daily on actions that support muscle gain and over time your efforts compound into muscle growth.

Gaining muscle is the complete opposite of what today’s culture of instant gratification looks for.

So often you see:

Someone starts a gaining phase
4 weeks later they have not seen the changes they want
They stop their caloric surplus and training protocol
They start a mini cut and add in some cardio
Then think to themselves, they should actually stay in a surplus cause cutting is boring
Then the cycle begins again


1. Get Lean

Get lean enough, roughly around 10-16% body fat, so you can see some ab definition. While getting lean, ensure that your training intent is to get stronger & bigger. This might be where you want to add in some light cardio like morning walks or maybe some conditioning after your sessions if you feel you can recover from the extra workload.

2. Now eat some more

Get yourself into a slight caloric surplus to start supporting recovery so you can start to train harder and recover from your training. The goal here is to give yourself the building blocks to support muscle growth.

3. Listen to this

Check out this lunge & lift episode I recorded alongside Ash Grossmann on the Lunge & Lift podcast with Liam from pH Nutrition.

We dive into how to really eat to support your muscle building goals.

(Throwback with the crazy hair & beard combo, that lockdown life hitting hard)

4. Train Hard, Eat Well & Recover with purpose

Now that you are eating to support your muscle building goal. You need to train hard. Find a plan that you enjoy and can stay consistent with. Consistency is king when trying to build muscle.

You also need to ensure your recovery is on point. Building muscle is a luxury so make sure you have the necessary recovery protocols to give you the best chance to recover and grow from all your hard training and eating.


Enjoy the caloric surplus, train hard and settle in for a long enough period to let your body grow. If you’re feeling a bit fluffy, accept it, keep in your slight caloric surplus and grow

6. Bonus

As building muscle is like a marathon, it takes time. So add some performance metrics (strength targets) along the way to give you focus and direction to help you stay on track and motivated that things are going in the right direction

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